Child Health Clinic

Wednesday 9.30am - 11.30am for Child Vaccinations.

Any 6 - 8 week checks will be carried out by GP while you are in surgery.

We have a nurse in practice during these times who can see to all your childs needs, take weight and height measurements and any other questions you may have. Simply turn up in these times and wait to be seen.

Midwife Clinic

Held every Tuesday by appointment at Fairfield Childrens Centre. Pregnancies need to be confirmed by a nurse within our surgery first, which can be booked via reception.

Asthma Clinic

General asthma monitoring, management and advice. Daily and by appointment.

Spirometry Clinic

Monitoring, management and diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (known as COPD for short) via a Spirometry Test.

Specialist clinics as and when needed. Ask at reception for details.

Diabetes Clinic

Management, monitoring and advice. Daily and by appointment.

Blood tests need to be done two to three days before the full appointment for a diabetic check so that we have your most recent diabetic levels.

Well Woman/Man Clinic

General health check for those who may not have opportunity with other annual reviews as you have no long term conditions. Daily and by appointment.

24 hour Blood Pressure Checks

2 consecutive appointments are needed 24hrs apart. Test to be requested by a GP first. Please see the GP if you think may need this test.

Minor Operations

Thursday mornings and by appointment only, please see the GP first should you think you may need a minor operation procedure.

Travel Vaccinations

Our practice nurse can work out for you what vaccinations are needed for your trips abroad. Please allow sufficient time for the vaccinations preferably no later than 6 weeks from date of travel. We realise that sometimes a last minute booking could prevent this but give us a call and we will try our best to help you. For further details and booking contact reception. Certain vaccines may attract a private charge.

Contraceptive Advice

Our practice nurses can help you with this should you need a chat. As well as giving advice our nurses are trained to give contraceptive injections too. Book appointments via reception.

Other Clinics Provided

Blood tests, pregnancy tests, ECGs, smoking advice, other general advice and much more. Please ask at reception for more details.

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